PozzoSlag® Outperforms Portland Cement

rPozz, LLC processes coal fly ash with proprietary additives to create cementitious materials with superior performance characteristics.  Early set times are competitive with 100% Portland cement, while long-term strength and durability is enhanced.

The company's products have been certified for use by the City of Austin, Texas; City of Dallas, Texas; FHWA; Texas Department of Transportation; and have demonstrated an equivalence to high grade GGBFS (exceeds Grade 120 Slag in some cases).

PozzoSlag® can be used as a significant replacement for Portland cement.  While the mix design will depend on numerous factors, some current rPozz customers are utilizing PozzoSlag® at 60% or higher replacement.  In addition, customers have been able to reduce the total amount of binder material required to hit their strength targets.  Simply put, that means higher margins per job.

In-house laboratory tests, third party laboratory tests, customer field tests, and actual customer applications indicate strengths equal to or superior to Portland cement in many applications.  The following results are from internal tests using ASTM C109 and ASTM C989 procedures (figures are compressive strengths):

  Control Cement 50% PozzoSlag® / 50% Control Cement 
1 day 2,742 psi 2,417 psi
3 day 4,092 psi 4,467 psi
7 day 5,195 psi 5,367 psi
14 day 5,272 psi 6,715 psi
28 day 5,827 psi 6,975 psi
56 Day 6,567 psi 9,217 psi

Note: tests used local cement and results will vary.

PozzoSlag 1.2 Test Report - July 2017

PozzoSlag 2.0 Test Report - July 2017

PozzoSlag 2.0 C989 Test Report - July 2017

Through its proprietary process, rPozz’s PozzoSlag® resolves the issues that have prevented greater fly ash usage in concrete. The process uses dual methods:

  • Physical Processing: A reactor system refines the raw materials and ensures a consistent end-product.
  • Chemical Additives: Using a proprietary mixture, PozzoSlag® improves performance and strength.

Custom Tailored Products

Technology & Innovation

  • Landfill recovery and beneficial reuse
  • Evaluating / Modifying Coal Combustion Byproducts for market opportunities

Fly Ash

rPozz, LLC, formerly VHSC Cement, LLC,  and its partners market new make fly ash in addition to producing higher value products:

Product Technical Services

rPozz provides various services in support of products sold.  These services range from initial concrete testing through to end product application support.

PozzoSlag® Usage in Concrete

PozzoSlag® improves the performance of concrete:

  • Exhibits resistance to sulfate and alkali-silica reaction by passing ASTM 1567 and ASTM 1097 tests
  • Cost effective substitute for cement
  • Improves concrete workability
  • Lower CO2 emissions from cement and more CCP's recycled
  • Lowest permeability versus fly ash or slag, leading to enhanced durability (under 500 mmhos)
  • Less pavement grinding