Creating Value for our Customers

Since the formation of rPozz, LLC, our goal has been simple: to provide our customers with the highest quality product that not only outperforms the competition but is also friendlier to the environment, all at an affordable price.

rPozz’s products demonstrate superior performance in sulfate resistance tests, ASR tests and chloride permeability and flowability tests. These results are why customers utilize PozzoSlag® as a significant replacement for Portland cement at levels up to 60%. Quite simply, this means higher profits per job.

Testing outcomes are validated with continuous in-house laboratory testing, third-party testing, customer and project testing. The industry customers we serve include:

Ready-Mix Concrete: Ready-Mix Concrete requires precision with the mixture and the benefit of onsite mixing. PozzoSlag® has been engineered to optimize concrete performance while minimizing costs, while increasing flowability and workability.

Pre-cast Concrete:  rPozz is a partner with numerous precast industry suppliers who share a desire to drive innovation.  rPozz’s product can improve the manufacturing process of concrete form systems for a wide variety of precast products through higher productivity for mold turns and better mold capabilities from flowability.  PozzoSlag® can also increase durability of end product as well as prevent overheating of concrete during curing.

Paving Contractors:  Whether it’s new construction, resurfacing or patching older work, rPozz can become an integral component in reaching a solution for various pavement needs.  Concrete made with PozzoSlag® requires less chemicals, little to no finish grinding, and leads to a more durable road surface.

Market Applications

Traditional Manufacturing Infrastructure Support Oil and Gas
Highways & Bridges Pipes & Ducts Dams Well Casing Seal
Buildings Coatings & Liners Abandon line fill Fracking Cement
Airports Pads Flowable Fill Plugs & Barriers
Port Facilities Railroad Ties Poles & Pads Retention Ponds
Soil Stabilization Explosion / Thermal Trusses Foundation / Pads





rPozz Value - Concrete Supplier


  • Higher replacement than alternative SCMs
  • Fewer admixtures required
  • Better concrete performance and durability
  • Contractors can improve operating margins by using Pozzoslag® blends